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Success, a short comic about following your dreams

(made in celebration of my Facebook page reaching 100K Likes)

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Women do not have to:



  • be thin
  • give birth
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • have sex with you
  • be feminine
  • be graceful
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • be the media’s idea of perfection
  • listen to your bullshit
  • have a vagina

This is very true, but it’s important to remember that if a woman is feminine, graceful, shaves, diets, wears make up, or does any of these things in the list, it doesn’t make her a slave to patriarchy or any less of a feminist than you.


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Non animated Kargath. Will update as more models become available.

also, some variation skins of the player models including Dark Iron, Dragonmaw, Wildhammer, Mag’har: http://imgur.com/a/rFtzY/all

Update: WiP Tauren Male.

Reblogging for the Tauren male model thats a WIP!

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In Dreanor, squirrels eat squirrels 

In Dreanor, squirrels eat squirrels 



Everything about the Corrupt Orc whispers “My Precious”

If anyone has seen the move “The Descent”…yeah, that’s the first thing I thought. 



Everything about the Corrupt Orc whispers “My Precious”


If anyone has seen the move “The Descent”…yeah, that’s the first thing I thought. 

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by NicholasK.com

For all your post-apocalyptic Resident Evil world, LotR travelling to Mordor, and Assassin Creed needs.

Give to me

I just want to dress like this all the time

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Going for a swim and being adorable

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♥ S p r i n g ♥

"Sub-Biosphere 2 is a closed, self-sustaining underwater habitat designed as a base for aquanauts, tourists and for studying oceanographic life science. The design was inspired by Phil’s love of diving, his childhood fascination with Jacques Cousteau and Ian Koblick, and studying the original Biosphere 2 scientific research facility in Arizona as a student.

Underwater human habitation is an idea that’s been around forever. NASA astronauts already do sub-sea mission training, and closed-system environments such as advanced submarines and the International Space Station are already very well-developed.

The structure would play a role as a ‘global seed bank’, storing and sustaining human, plant and animal life. Sub-Biosphere 2 would offer a long-term habitat for around 100 people – the minimum number that would be required to rebuild our species in the event of a catastrophic man-made or natural disaster. Land-based events have wreaked havoc on life on Earth before, in the case of the dinosaurs and in more localised events such as supervolcanic eruptions and pandemics. If we cannot avoid a runaway greenhouse effect, it may be that we may be safer living underneath the sea in the long-term.

The structure has integrated systems to supply and manage air, food, fresh water and electricity. While the central biome monitors life-support systems, humans, plants and animals would live and interact around the eight surrounding domes. These biomes recreate Earth’s biosphere – the regions of the land, sea and air which hold life, known as the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere respectively.

Each biome recreates a different climactic zone on Earth, exchanging water and air flow between each other, mimicking the way in which Earth’s climates interlink. Zones would include the North Frigid Zone (the Arctic), North Temperate Zone, Torrid Zone, South Temperate Zone and the South Frigid Zone (the Antarctic).

To raise public awareness, the Sub-Biosphere 2 is a central feature of a young adult sci-fi novel, Moral Order, created by Phil Pauley and due to be published later this year. The book has been best described as Harry Potter meets Star Trek. The underwater biosphere is part of a vision of the future in which the remaining citizens of a climate change-ravaged Earth are seeking salvation beneath the sea. The novel will be the first element of what is hoped to be a multimedia franchise designed to ignite the interest of a global audience in sustainability and climate change. Beyond raising awareness, a further aim of the franchise is to raise funds to demonstrate the first Sub-Biosphere 2 research facility.”


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