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Heads up! It’s Headcanon: Pandaren Balance

Some Pandaren headcanon finally! Took me long enough.

Light the Way

The Yin-yang concept, along with many Taoist beliefs resonate inside Pandaren culture. So it made sense to me that Pandaren would have Shamans and Priest, since both flow with the natural currents of the universe. They just do so in different ways. Taoism carries the belief that at the centre of the universe is a Path or Way. The Way, can be conceived in many different manners, yet all are connected. Yin and Yang exist with nature’s Elements, each element can effect the Yin and Yang of the world. In this mode of thinking it makes sense that the Pandaren (Wondering Isle or otherwise) wouldn’t understand the Church of the Holy Light or even the N’aaru completely because to them Light isn’t some Holy entity or force so much as a natural state. 

All is Connected

This of course means that in Pandaren culture there isn’t much separating a Shaman from a Priest beyond the fact that the Shaman speaks with the Elements to connect with nature, while Priest tap into the flow of nature. Both paths follow and flow with the Universe. 

Inside Pandaren culture is woven in many beliefs, but at the core is this harmonious belief of everything being connected. The Light isn’t some Holy force and the Shadow it’s enemy. Rather that both work together and against each other, flowing and ebbing, within and without the elements in a dance of universal balance. That each being of Azeroth is connected to this dance, that the actions of one could direct the balance shifting it and that another’s actions can set it right. The great test for the beings of Azeroth isn’t creating this balance, but judging when it is the right time to act and how. A problem that the Pandaren have at the moment. Having spent so much time beyond the reach of others, they are trying to find their place in the balance of Azeroth in the middle of world wide war tinted with the looming dangers of Old Gods and Burning Legions. To many when looking at all of the dangers it seems like everything is disconnected and can be dealt with separately, but to the Pandaren this might not seem true. Even if things don’t seem connected, they are like a woven tapestry and one good tug could unravel it all or could strength it.

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